31 January 2015

Snow White and the Magnificent Seven Dwarfs – Jan 2015

Snow White has been performed twice in our history 1967 and 1982 so we felt it was time to do it again.   This is our third pantomime and true to form we like to do something a bit different thus a Wild West twist! Snow White is the fairest girl on the […]
11 October 2012

Touch and Go – October 2012

Touch & Go is a very funny comedy play previously performed by WADS and well received back in 1995. The fact that we were both familiar with it was influential in its choice for us as debut producers. We have been active members of WADS both on and off stage, for many […]
22 June 2010

Excellent Tribute to Coward Gallery – June 2010

If you needed an antidote to the World Cup, this was an elegant, entertaining and worthwhile alternative. Coward’s sophistication and wit was brought to the stage skilfully by producer Peter Saunders and a talented cast…